About Us

Established in 2017, Waremill’s mission is simple – we’re here to help manufacturers across Europe to fill their orders while reducing the time and money spent on unnecessary labour costs.

Our vision is to become Europe’s leading co-manufacturing platform.

We created Waremill to help European manufacturers and craftsmen to share skills and production resources. Our dedicated, purpose-built platform gives access to distributed production on demand and connects manufacturers and sub-contractors across Europe with each other. On-demand and across borders.

Our inspiration comes from the knowledge that each week, manufacturers struggle to find skilled workers. The search for new employees can be time-consuming and expensive. Often, it comes too late to fulfill a last-minute or large order. While larger firms grapple with labour shortages and looming deadlines, smaller manufacturers and craftsmen often struggle to source clients and orders. Waremill solves this problem with a co-manufacturing platform that enables on-demand outsourcing, gives access to a skilled temporary workforce and helps businesses large and small, across the EU, share production resources.

We’ve developed a database of verified European small-scale manufacturers and craftsmen who provide outsourcing services using their own equipment. Service providers are rated on each project. Manufacturers and production companies can post their requirements and receive proposals from small-scale manufacturers and craftsmen able to assist. Once a partner is chosen, the job can begin.

It’s simple, efficient and the future of distributed manufacturing.